Custom EA

Custom EA - By Request

Tailor-made EA

Experienced in a dozen years as IT Consultant and programmer as well as forex trading experience, we are currently focusing as the best EA and Indicator forex development. We have a team of coders and traders who work together to research and develop EA and Indicator of good quality.

This can be proved by every product we produce always get very welcome for from various circle of trader and client.

To provide a wider service, we provide EA / Indicator service in accordance with clients’ trading needs.

Main Features of EA:

  1. Entry Rule
  2. Clients are free to use standard indicators or custom indicators or certain rules to determine the right time to open (entry) a BUY / SELL order.
    There is no limit to the number of indicators that can be used for the creation of a good EA.

  3. Exit Rule
  4. a. Taking Profit / Stop Loss, based on PIPs or MONEY.
    b. Trailing Stop
    c. Indicator, use indicator as signal exit.
    d. A combination of all previous rules.

  5. Layer Management
  6. a. Fixed Grid
    b. Trailing/Floating Layer

  7. Lot Management
  8. a. Fixed Lot
    b. Martingale (Multiplier / Exponential)
    c. Auto Lot Size

  9. Risk Management
  10. a. Risk %
    b. Cut Loss Management

Additional Features of EA:

  1. Trading Session
  2. a. Daily Trading Time
    b. Friday Trading Time

  3. Multi Pair on a chart
  4. EA runs and manages multi pairs on a single chart.

  5. Authentication
  6. a. Lock Account Number
    b. Lock Name

  7. Target Management
  8. a. Daily Target
    b. Weekly Target
    c. Monthly Target

  9. News Management
  10. Telegram Signal
  11. EA as Signal Provider sends signal information to telegram channel.

Ordering phase of making EA / Indicator:

  1. Provide a description of strategy / rule.
  2. Send a full explanation of the strategy or rule and other needs that will apply to your EA.

    Explanation using screenshot chart will help understanding and accuracy of EA performance results.

  3. Continue communication through WhatsApp / Telegram / Email
  4. For more detailed discussion or explanation, clients can contact our WhatsApp / telegram / Email.

  5. Information of Development Fee
  6. We already have a standard price. The cost of development is certainly tailored to the complexity of the strategy and client demand.
    Jangan khawatir biayanya, we provide a very affordable price for your personal EA.

  7. Payment
  8. We accept payment through Paypal, Neteller, Skrill and also local bank can use BCA or Mandiri.

  9. Working duration of Development of the EA
  10. Development period is usually between 2-3 business days.

  11. Backtest the EA
  12. Do backtest to make sure EA is working as per client request.

  13. Warranty, if there are errors / bugs will be fixed until stable.
  14. Warranty period of one month starting from the time of delivery of final EA files to clients. If there is a mistake in making or bugs, then we are still responsible to fix it until stable during the warranty period.
    When in the process of making, if there is a minor change, we will not charge additional fee,
    however for major changes will be informed of additional costs before the change process is done.