Expert Advisor

Expert Advisor

An expert advisor, otherwise known in the forex world as an “EA”, is basically a program capable of performing self-trading in the platform/terminal that will automatically following the instructions of a trader that had been coded, without his (trader) direct involvement. All tasks are performed automatically, which is why the advisors are called experts or self automate trading system.

Benefit of Expert Advisor

Benefits of Expert Advisor

Using Expert Advisor (EA) has many advantages, such as:

  1. Proven Strategy
  2. Using a strategy that has been successfully used by professional traders for years, we do not need to learn the details of this trading strategy to be able to use it successfully.

  3. Time Freedom
  4. We have the freedom of time to do other activities, hobbies, and enjoy the holidays without the need to monitor the trading screen at any time.

  5. Enjoy Your Trading
  6. Free of stress, trading pressure and not vulnerable to emotions
    Every forex trader out there has probably grappled with either greed or the fear of losing at some point. Human emotions can cloud decision-making sometimes and can lead a trader to deviate from a tried-and-tested strategy.

    What sets trading robots apart from human forex traders is that we don’t have any emotional components at all. Expert advisors are wired to stick to system commands and take valid trade signals, without feeling pain from losses or joy from wins.

    Aside from having emotions interfere with making trading decisions, being human also possible to making mistakes. This can be in the form of making wrong calculations in position-sizing or entering an extra zero in the trade lot size – errors that can be avoided when using a EA.

    All will be done by EA. Like a personal assistant.

  7. It can trade while you sleep!
  8. Able to make entry order throughout the 24 hours non-stop, more accurate than manually and perform calculations quickly and update on all position orders quickly and accurately, so that EA is able to provide optimal trading results.

  9. More Profitable
  10. Our EA is also supported by premium indicators and is continually updated both EA and its indicators so it is very profitable for our clients.

Our Expert Advisors

  1. NAVHelios+ V2.03
  2. Based on many years of trading experience and through many improvements, we are finally proudly introduce our best ea of the year of 2017 EA NAVHelios with complete features such as using Premium Indicators, News Filter, Smart Hedging Strategy, Risk Level, Auto lot size, etc.

  3. NAVOptimus (coming soon)
  4. FOB (coming soon)
  5. EagleEye (coming soon)
  6. UpDown Profit (FREE)