Best EA of the year 2017

Based on many years of trading experience and through many improvements, we are finally proudly introduce our best ea of the year of 2017 EA NAVHelios with complete features such as using Premium Indicators, News Filter, Smart Hedging Strategy, Risk Level, Auto lot size, etc.

Features of The EA NAVHelios+

  1. News Filter High Impact
  2. Money Management
  3. Auto Lot Size according to level of risk
  4. Compound Lot Size
  5. Close Profit Reversal Orders
  6. Smart Hedging Strategy
  7. Pending Order
inputs of NAVHelios+


  1. Based on Experience,
  2. Accurate position entry generated from a combination of premium indicators and years of experience.

  3. Shocked News Management,
  4. Detects unscheduled news on forex factory economic calendar and managing martingale entry better.

  5. Stable and Higher Profit,
  6. Able to generate higher profits and consistent.

  7. 24/5 100%,
  8. 24 Hours 5 Days and 100% automatic trading without the need for manual intervention.

  9. Partial Hedging
  10. at certain condition, EA will smartly open a hedging order and manage lot size.
    Managing lot size is very important to taking profit more and avoid deep trap on wrong entry.
    Hedging orders make this EA more profitable because of this EA give chance to keep taking profit while has some floating.
    Order will exit when hit Take Profi price (TP) or close when detect reversal hedging signal or exit together with main orders
    EA of the year

Strategy of EA NAVHelios+

  • Entry
  • EA start searching an accurate entry using 2 premium indicators and some standard indicators.

  • Martingale
  • But not all entries are absolutely accurate, therefore EA will take rescue action by re-entering new orders.
    There are 2 options of strategy for re-entry orders, as follow:
    1. Based on Price Action
    2. and Early Reversal Signal

  • News Filter
  • Wrong martingale entry will cause bigger floating, by News Filter will help EA to manage distance and carefully open new martingale entry.

  • Hedging
  • We developed Smart Hedging Strategy to holdback some floating orders and add more profits.
    Use special indicators to specify accurate entry and exit and proper lot size calculation.

Backtest Performance

Performance of Live Account


Based on many years of trading experience and improvements.

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EA NAVHelios+ V2.03, only available for client’s update.