Forex Indicators

is a tool in forex trading that provides information to traders to be able to determine the right time to make transactions buy or sell currency pair (pair).

In general, forex indicators are divided into 4 types, namely:
1. Trend Confirmation
2. Trend Forwarding (Trend Following)
3. Saturated Buy / Sell Price (Overbought / Oversold)
4. Profit Taking

To get better forex trading results, the choice and use of the right indicators will be very helpful.

Signal Indicator

is an indicator that can provide additional information the right time to make transactions selling or buying a particular currency pair.

Our Indicators

  1. corrAutoBot V2
  2. iCSM
    an Currency Strength Meter Indicator that calculating from 8 currencies and 28 pairs running in real market. The strength of the currency is calculated from the daily price movements of the daily range in all major currencies.
  3. iMTF MA AutoBot
    Running multiple moving average indicators from various time frames on a chart,
    giving traders the convenience to decide the market trend and the right time to open or sell.