iCorrAutoBot V3

iCorrAutoBot V3

A great correlation indicator that is working perfectly on positive correlation of 2 pairs.

Where 2 pairs should be running on same direction. But at sometimes they are not and create large price disparity. Price disparity is a good chance to get profitable entry. Before we can measure the price disparity, there is a complicated job to define an accurate Correlation Equality Index (CEI). By having the CEI, indicator capable to define how large the price disparity between two positive pair running on current market.

How to Entry and Exit

iCorrAutoBot (entry-exit)
iCorrAutobot V3 indicator is able to measure accurately and provide signal entry when the price of disparity has passed certain limits (disparity level) that can be set on the input of this indicator.
In the picture above, we can see the positive correlation of GBPUSD and EURUSD currency pair which is always moving in the same direction.
When moving in the opposite direction indicated by the indicator. This is an opportunity to take a trading position on both pairs of currencies.

GBPUSD and EURUSD took entry and taking profit

CorrAutoBot2 (profit)

Input of the Indicator

input iCorrAutoBot V3

EA P2P Optimus+

To facilitate trading and maximize trading profits, we introduce EA P2P Optimus+ which uses the iCorrAutoBot V3 indicator.
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